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The front page and homepage of this publication.

TR Demo Drills
Two drills to give the student get the idea what the TRs are all about and that they can be improved.

What is Auditing
Explains what auditing is and the different elements of a session.

ARC and Scales
ARC=Understanding and life. About human relationships and how the auditor uses the ARC triangle to ensure results of auditing.

Scales and Behavior
The tone scale measures level of ARC and predicts behavior. The tone scale expanded. How to determine and raise tone of a person.

 Comm & Auditing
Communication is what makes auditing effective. This chapter explains how the 'Magic of communication' works.

TRs & Comm
More about ARC and communication

Comm. Formula
The Communication Formula. All the small parts of comm defined and analyzed.

Picture Guide to TRs
Each TR explained and illustrated. The end products for doing TRs.

TRs and Confront
Definition and importance of Confronting - in life and in TRs.

Coaching TRs
Theory of coaching and how to coach the TRs.

TRs, Full Theory
In depth data about each TR. Useful to clear up practical questions when drilling.

Auditors Trust
"Auditor + PC Greater than the Bank". TRs is what you use session.

TRs Instructions
The Drills only text; for use in practical as reference.

TRs Remedies
If the student has difficulties there are different remedies, the instructor can use.

Assists are used to help hurting or ill pc's. They are remedies or first aid. They are unmetered actions. Easy to do but often with great results for the pc.

Check Sheet
The step by step study program when manual is done as a course.


Grade Chart
The Grade Chart gives you an idea how the different Levels fit together and in what sequence they are done. Remedies (like Assists and FDS) are not on the chart as they are only done when needed.

Basic Definitions
All the definitions needed to know to receive auditing. Used in session to educate a pc with. Illustrated.

Alphabetical wordlist, complete with all special terms used in Clearing Technology.

Clearbird's Manifesto
From "The Road to Clear". Explains the background and reason for Clearbird Publishing's activities; gives resources, etc.

Jonathan Seagull
About our mascot, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.